For this week’s episode I chatted with Kelly Oriard & Callie Christensen, the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Slumberkins.

Slumbkerins is a pre-school brand aiming to support families in the emotional wellness development of their children with educational products. Through carefully crafted characters and stories they’ve packaged psychological techniques up to…

Mike Rudoy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Jetty, a financial services platform that helps make renting a home more affordable and flexible.

Jetty offers three products to help renters get into homes:

  • Jetty Deposit — security deposit replacement
  • Jetty Rent — rent payment program
  • Jetty Protect — renters insurance

Not only does Jetty help renters, the services makes managing properties easier too. It’s a win win situation and example of a successful business model that places the product in the middle of a sales chain.

During the interview, Mark and Michael discussed the business model behind Jetty, Mike’s entrepreneurial journey, the general state of housing in America and much more.

Listen/watch via your preferred platform here.

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