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  • Javelin VP

    Javelin VP

    Early stage venture capital with the culture of a start-up and the spirit of die hard entrepreneurs

  • Jason J Sosa

    Jason J Sosa — I speak on AI, the future of work and learning, and the coming transhuman era.

  • Naveen Jain

    Naveen Jain

    I am an intensely curious entrepreneur who is not afraid to take on the audacious ideas that will push humanity forward. My current moonshot adventure is Viome.

  • Sanford Dickert

    Sanford Dickert

    Cofounder of OWLR (, fmr CTO for Kerry for President, cobuilder of Shelbot. Also into salsa dancing, robotic telepresence & London’s Borough Market.

  • Alessandro Santo

    Alessandro Santo

    Looking to start a new VC fund based on deep/food tech along with Italian SMEs

  • Jason Gilbert

    Jason Gilbert

  • Grant Summers

    Grant Summers

  • Nam Le

    Nam Le

  • Richard Titus

    Richard Titus

    CEO, Yogi, Serial entrepreneur, raconteur, coach, advisor and sometime filmmaker.

  • Scott Pollack

    Scott Pollack

    Founder and CEO of Firneo. BD at WeWork, SumAll, Amex, Dow. Wrote a book about Business Development too:

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